Thursday, July 2, 2009

Steps For a Successful Workout at Home

There are countless potential disruptions and obstacles between you and regular workout at home, including the tv, your kids, chores around the house and disruptive phone calls. That said, if you keep these 5 essential strategies in mind and insist that your loved ones cooperate it can be done.

1. Schedule your workout time. Being consistent is a great way to protect you from distractions. This tells others that this time is is to be protected. Make sure you alert everyone to this time and make sure it's not broken. Accept no phone calls, answer emails or plan social activities during this time unless, of course, there is an emergency.

2. Drop a heap of money on equipment as a motivational strategy. If money is your motivation, maybe investing in expensive home gym equipment could put you over the top.

3. Buddy up in the battle of the bulge. Having someone counting on you might be all it takes to sustain your commitment to a workout at home. This person might also be able to split some of the costs on home gym equipment.

4. Make it interesting. Just because you love running today that doesn't guarantee you will later on. If you want to keep your body and your mind interested both of which could get bored with monotony, make sure you are prepared to do at least two to three different at home workouts every week.

5. Try all there is before you commit to a regime. Not liking your workout at home regime is a surefire way to stop your workout plans dead in their tracks. Consider getting a trial membership to a local gym and try out every piece of equipment and exercise they offer before you buy a piece of equipment that will become a coat rack or injure yourself and vow never to exercise again. It likely will cost you little to nothing and you'll even have the opportunity to speak with if not work with one of their personal trainers This homework can help you make sure your success when you strike out on your own.

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